DSCN4694The small and original sized porcelain Footed Ogee Vaso pictured above come in two sizes and three colors White Bisquit; Grey Gesso; and Retro Green Gesso. The bowl and foot are made separately to facilitate shipping.

The largest Classic Conical Pot, called “Original,” also comes in the Grey Gesso and Retro Green Gesso.


1 thought on “FOOTED BOWL

  1. cultivatedgardens Post author

    I am the designer and manufacturer and wholesaler of the products on my website. If you are a retail establishment, I would love to sell you my pots.
    Just today I am on my way to the New York International Gift Fair to Exhibit my wares. I can communicate with you from there, but I will not be able to ship anything until next week.

    Also, my new Ogee Vaso stock will not be in until April. They are in production at the kiln now.

    Rosie Sauser
    Owner, Cultivated Gardens


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